stock images

for birth workers

You will find that, when searching the internet, that it may be really hard to find birth images depicting families of color…let alone ones that are available for licensing to use on your website.
We are here to provide a solution to that and provide you with quality birth photo licensing for your business needs. The images that are available for purchase in our gallery are exclusive and not available anywhere else.

how it works


step one:

Take a look at what’s available for licensing in our image gallery. Favorite the ones that appeal to you the most.

step two:

Select the package that is right for your business needs and proceed to check out.

step three:

Check your email for your image usage contract. Once signed, you can expect your web sized images within 24 hours.


What is licensing and why do I need it?

Licensing an image gives you explicit written permission to use an image for your purposes from the copyright holder (aka the photographer). This means that, as long as your usage of the licensed images are within the rights given to you by the contract, you can’t be sued for copyright infringement. Note: Just because you see an image on the internet or social media, that doesn’t mean its a “free for all” for you to be able to use it on your website or marketing material…thats stealing and we know your mama didn’t raise no crooks.

What kind of licensing do you offer?

We actually offer two different licensing options for your convenience : for web use and for print use. For the web use option, you can use the image(s) on your website and social media ads. The print use option is best for print publications and advertisements or prints/canvases for your office.

What am I not allowed to do with the images?

The images you purchase cannot be resold anywhere digitally OR in print. You cannot use the image(s) on any site or publication outside of what if contracted. And the images are not to be used in a malicious or hurtful manner - if you wouldn't want a photo of yourself associated with what you’re saying or promoting, then that is a good indicator not to use one of these images that way.