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Rebecca Coursey, Birth & Family Photographer


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Rebecca Coursey-Rugh

Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange County, california

Hi I’m Rebecca! I am a birth and documentary photographer based in Los Angeles. I started my career in the arts as an outspoken teen, taking college courses in oils and color theory, all the while insisting I wanted absolutely nothing to do with a career in art. However, I found myself stumbling backwards into photography (which I also wanted nothing to do with) as a way of expressing the visual poetry I saw in the sea of humanity around me. After giving birth to my own children, I felt myself drawn to working with women in their child bearing years –I just didn’t know in what capacity. A few years later, after the sudden death of mother, I stumbled upon images of another woman’s birth, and suddenly I knew, in my bones, that this was something I needed to do –to me, this was the perfect melding of the art and science of birth itself. I am deeply influenced by other women artists such as Artemisia Gentileschi, Alice Neel, and Sally Mann; as well photojournalists such as Meridith Kohut and Ami Vitale.

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photography + films


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doula support
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